We are a software development company, offering a wide range of offshore programming services. Our developers have effectively taken over agile software development methodology and apply it practically depending on the project type and scope. Our company offers professional software development based on Agile methodology for business around the globe. The working process in our company is built around daily meetings in order to make communication, problem solving and decrease of risk more efficient. To learn more about our experience in Agile development projects, please request for our portfolio.

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Agile advantages

As customers may change their requirements in the course of the development project, we perform our work in a highly collaborative way. Agile methodology is characterized by extensive flexibility, offering the following advantages:

  • Reduced documentation and specification volume
  • Easy updating new customer requirements
  • High communication and cooperation between a customer and a team
  • Experience sharing for better task performing
  • Reduced project time
  • Reduced risks for business
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About Agile methodology

Agile is a set of principles, mostly aimed for delivery of working software every iteration in reduced timeframes. Each iteration is viewed as an entire project, including planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and documentation. The following iteration consists in improvement or addition of new functionality. Generally agile methodology is considered to be cost-wise and efficient for software development projects that are subjected to unexpected changes.

According to the agile principles, development team relies on perfect technical knowledge and simple designs. The busibess value of software is being achieved by delivering working software at regular short periods of time. Agile software development implies that customers are actively involved in the development process by providing feedback and reflection that lead to better results. Hence, Agile is considered to be a quite successful methodology and it is broadly used today by software service vendors globally.